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“Do they not have dive bars and strip clubs in Waco?”

I know that it’s terrible that nine people lost their lives yesterday, and there are probably any number of serious topics that we could discuss related to the prevalence gang violence and the like, but, looking at the photos coming in from Waco last night, all I could think about was how odd that it […]

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That show you loved is back in style… The return of Twin Peaks

I know I should be writing about something other than Twin Peaks tonight, as everyone else in the world is posting their thoughts about today’s big announcement right now, but there’s really nothing else I want to write about. I mean, I sat here, trying to write about Naomi Wolf’s descent into madness, but my […]

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Semiautomatic gunfire outside of Brandy’s Party Store on Michigan Avenue

Does anyone know what happened outside of Brandy’s Party Store yesterday, at about 7:30 PM? By way of Facebook, I know that a friend of mine was approximately 15 feet away when someone fired about 20 rounds from a moving vehicle, but that’s about it. I don’t know if any arrests were made, or if […]

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