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Public option voted down, twice, by cowardly Dems

The Senate Finance Committee voted twice this afternoon against the creation of a government-run health insurance plan, or “public option.” Members of the panel first voted 15 to 8 against Senator John D. Rockefeller’s proposal, and then followed up by voting 13 to 10 against the proposal put forward by Senator Charles Schumer. Among those […]

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Obama lays out his healthcare plan for America

If you haven’t seen the President’s speech, delivered tonight, before a joint session of Congress, I’d highly recommend it. It’s a brilliant piece of oratory. Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy If you’re inclined, you can also find the full text of the speech here… And, here, as we’ve […]

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The contest between Fear and Hope

Yesterday, President Obama spoke on the subject of healthcare reform in Grand Junction, Colorado. Here’s a clip from the transcript of his speech, which I think gets right to the heart of the matter: …And when you hear about these experiences, when you think of the millions of people denied coverage because of preexisting conditions, […]

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