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Who the fuck stabs public art?

I don’t know that it’s quite as bad as the grisly murder of the hitchhiking Canadian robot that had been sent to America to learn about empathy and trust only to be torn limb from limb a few days into his trip like C3PO in Cloud City, but, this morning, when my kids pointed out […]

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I don’t give a fuck which Seinfeld character Buzzfeed says you are… You won’t believe my new super awesome meme…

Tired of my Facebook “friends” sharing the results of their bullshit Buzzfeed quizes, I decided to channel a little of my passive aggressive super power in their direction this evening. Enjoy. And, here, if you aren’t aware of the meme I’m rebelling against, are a few examples from the most awful place on the internet […]

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Monkey Power Trio 18: Reno

Last October, I spent a weekend locked up in a cabin, surrounded by bears, somewhere in the vicinity of Lake Tahoe, with my friends; Dan, Matt, Dave and Mike. Collectively, as some of you know, we’re known as the Monkey Power Trio, and, when we were in Nevada, we celebrated our 18th anniversary as the […]

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Totally Quotable Clementine: nothing ever changes here edition

Clementine said this to me earlier this evening at the Sidetrack, where we were taking advantage of the MarkMaynard.com two-for-one burger deal and discussing the absurdity of human existence. Maybe it just struck me because she used the word “shall,” but I thought that it was profound. We’d been talking about the head of the […]

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