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Let’s go over this ballot together, OK?

Today, Donald Trump declared the legitimate news media “the true enemy of the people,” called the Democratic candidate for Governor in Florida a “thief,” and ordered that nearly 5,000 additional active-duty troops be sent to the southern border to protect us from an imaginary threat in hopes of driving his more racist supporters to the […]

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The arguments for and against Michigan’s Proposal 1

Those of you voting in Michigan today will be confronted by a terribly confusing ballot item called Proposal 1, or the Michigan Use Tax and Community Stabilization Share. Boiled down to its essentials, the legislation, if passed, would phase out the Personal Property Tax (PPT) currently paid on industrial and commercial personal property, and shuffle […]

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As no one from the press has contacted me, and as no lobbyists have dropped by with expensive gifts, I’m going to assume that Stabenow beat me in the primary

This was sent in yesterday by an anonymous reader… who apparently doesn’t have a very high opinion of Debbie Stabenow. Speaking of Stabenow, as we all seem to have problems with her, why don’t we find a credible progressive candidate to run against her? Is she really so powerful that no one can beat her, […]

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