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Ded Bird found in Ypsilanti

I found a dead bird in the yard today. Clementine had friends over, and, before I let them take their shoes off and run around like lunatics, I made a quick sweep of the yard for dog shit. And that’s when I noticed the dead bird in front of the compost pile. I bent down […]

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Laurie Garrett on the lessons of the 1918 flu

I’ve been sucked into a TED vortex. I’ve probably watched five lectures already tonight. I was going to post one of them here about orgasms, but, at the last minute, I decided that, instead, I’d throw out this 2007 presentation by Pulitzer Prize winning science author Laurie Garrett on the lessons of the 1918 flu. […]

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When Automans collide

I had this idea that I’d write a Pulitzer-worthy piece on the possibility of an Avian Flu Pandemic this weekend, but instead I sat around and had beers with Brett, talking about how fucking cool it would be if we could coordinate a huge, disruptive “Automan” delegation for the upcoming “Automan Global” conference in Dearborn. […]

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