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Dreamland Tonight, the next episode

I don’t know that it warrants a whole new post, but I wanted to let you know that the pieces are falling into place for the next episode of Dreamland Tonight. The show, which will take place at 8:00 the evening of Friday, May 7, will feature local professional wrestling coach Bash Boulder, the folks […]

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That Wednesday post that everyone will be talking about on Thursday at the water cooler

There’s lots of stuff going on that I’d like to write about tonight, but I really should be working on tomorrow’s lesson plan for that class I’ll be teaching at 826. I’m thinking of giving each one of them, at the end of class, the opportunity to post something… anything… on my site. I guess […]

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Safety Girl is back…. kind of

Does anyone remember, back in the late 90’s, a super-freaky, sex-positive Ann Arbor community access television show called Get Curious with Safety Girl? (I looked for video clips online, but couldn’t find any. Sorry.) Well, it looks like she – or at least the woman behind the Safety Girl persona – is planning a comeback. […]

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