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The Democrats should be running on their accomplishments, not hiding from them

Rachel Maddow just did a great job of articulating what a lot of us have been saying for this last month, which is that Democrats should stop allowing their Republican rivals to define them as “big government” Socialists, and actively campaign on their successes in the areas of health care and financial stewardship. Here’s Maddow […]

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Killing gays in Uganda, stealing money at home, and negotiating healthcare in secret

Tonight, I wanted to write about how fucked up things are in Uganda, where they’re now considering the death penalty for homosexuality, about how Obama is going back on his promise to negotiate the details of the healthcare bill in the light of day, and how it looks as though Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner may […]

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The unrepentant sons-of-bitches who are fighting banking reform

It’s been one year since the investment bank Lehman Brothers went belly up, putting into motion a chain of events that would culminate in some $600 billion in American taxpayer money being given away to corporations like AIG, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs. To commemorate the day, and breath new life into his stalled […]

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AIG: the distance between “I hope they commit suicide” and “off with their heads”

According to New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, 73 employees of AIG (American International Group) took home $1 million or more in bonuses last week. In total, the “too big to fail” insurer recently paid out $165 million in bonuses to its employees. According to the CEO of the company, Edward M. Liddy, they […]

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