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Ypsi School Closings, part V

My friend Maria Cotera, as most of you readers probably know, was quite involved in the recent discussion over the closure of yet more Ypsilanti public schools. Maria, the parent of a daughter at Chapelle Elementary, not only questioned the assumptions on which the findings of the administration were based, but she, along with her […]

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AnnArbor.com implements crackdown on excessive capitalization

It’s been a while since we here in this wretched hive of scum and villainy have discussed the form of “aggressive moderation” being practiced by our friends at AnnArbor.com. As I’m sympathetic to their situation, and want for them to be successful, I try not to be unnecessarily critical of the choices they make. But, […]

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AnnArbor.com blocking users for sarcasm

I don’t want to beat up on AnnArbor.com. As I’ve said before, my sincere hope is that they’re successful. Our community, if it ever wants to realize its full potential, desperately needs a thriving journalism community, and I don’t see that happening without a successful AnnArbor.com, giving its people the time and resources they need […]

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On death, bikes, cancer and the practice of aggressive moderation

Continuing our conversation on local news sites and their policies concerning the removal of people’s comments, it’s been brought to my attention that the recently launched AnnArbor.com site is already making good on their promise to “aggressively moderate” the contributions of their readers. Apparently, yesterday, reader comments following a short article on the tragic death […]

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MarkMaynard.com, a wretched hive of scum and villainy

A few weeks ago, in a post about the soon-to-be-launched AnnArbor.com site, I suggested that perhaps Tony Dearing, their Director of Content, was a bit naïve when he said publicly that they would be able to control the conversation taking place in the comments section by employing “aggressive moderation.” Well, it looks like Dearing has […]

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