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Gals having sex with aspirin between their knees…. will it evolve into the meme to end all memes?

Rick Santorum’s old, white, incredibly rich, evangelical patron, Foster Friess, made the news this afternoon when he told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, in response to a question about his candidate’s Puritanical views on sex and contraception, and how they’re likely to go over with American voters, offered a piece of sage advice on the subject of […]

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Hypocrisy Watch: Mark Souder edition

Eight-term Republican congressman from Indiana, Mark Souder, announced today that he’d be resigning his office come Friday. Saying that he had, “sinned against God,” the family values-preaching, evangelical Christian, father of three, cited “the poisonous environment of Washington, D.C.,” for his decision. Of course, he neglected to mention that he, as one who had aggressively […]

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