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My search for the Ypsi Tooth leads me to an interesting Haab’s artifact

My never-ending search for our region’s most enigmatic super villain, the Ypsi Tooth, led me a few nights ago to a long-closed-up building in downtown Ypsilanti. [You can enter said building by way of a manhole downtown.] While I don’t want to get into specifics concerning what clues I may have found, I did want […]

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reaching out to the ypsi tooth

I’ve written here several times over the past few years on the subject of the Ypsilanti Tooth vandal. While I don’t necessarily approve of her tactics, I find her work fascinating and look forward to the occasional discovery of new tooth-centric artwork hidden around town. It makes life more interesting. I don’t know if I’ve […]

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the ypsi tooth vandal strikes again

I’ve written here about the Ypsilanti Tooth Vandal before. I thought we’d seen the last of her, but today I happened across a new piece. Unlike all the painted pieces of the past, this one was sewn and three-dimensional. I was tempted to take it, but I decided to leave it where it was, strung […]

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OK, so I guess it’s called yarn bombing

In the past three days, I’ve seen two local examples of what I think are knitted graffiti, or, to use the terminology of the vandals, “yarn bombing.” One was on the back deck of Ypsi’s Cafe Luwak. The other, featured in the following video clip, was on a fence along the Ypsi/Arbor corridor of Washtenaw […]

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has anyone else noticed the increase in heart-themed graffiti

As I’ve stated here in the past, I’m not a huge fan of graffiti. With that said, however, I occasionally come across a piece of work that I like. There’s a stencil that I’ve seen around town for instance that says something like, “You Are Being Surveilled.” I like that. I think it’s a good […]

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