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If you saw anyone acting strangely in downtown Ypsi last night, I think I might know why

The arrow pointed down an alleyway off of Washington Street. Another sign, about 20 yards down the alley, pointed behind a garage, where I assume someone was waiting with various bottles of potion. I was tempted, but I did not give in to my curiosity. I value my life too much.

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The end of the Water Street Commons native flower prairie… at least for now

Someone came to the door this afternoon with an official letter, which they told Linette she had to sign for. I was at work when she called me, and she was understandably concerned. We didn’t discuss it, but I suspect she thought that we were being sued or something, probably for something that I’d written […]

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The Olmsted Brothers’ 1913 plan for Ypsi’s stretch of the Huron River

Way back in 2007, after learning that my friend Nat Edmunds was in possession of an original copy of the 1913 Huron River Improvement Plan drafted by influential landscape architects John Charles Olmsted and Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., I made a promise on this site that I’d figure out a way to get it scanned […]

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Ypsi/Arbor Exit Interview: Kayla Mishler

I got word a few days ago through my network of informants that a young woman by the name of Kayla Mishler might be planning to pack up and leave Ypsilanti, so I headed out to find her. Here’s her official exit interview. I hope you enjoy it. MARK: So I’ve heard a rumor that […]

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Water Street closed due to PCBs

I went to take the dog for a walk this evening and came across the above sign. I had no idea what was going on until I arrived home and found the following note posted to Facebook. THE BORDER TO BORDER TRAIL LOCATED ON THE WATER STREET DEVELOPMENT PROPERTY IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY The […]

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