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I know he probably has a legitimate beef, but I can’t help but think that this is part of a well-orchestrated viral ad campaign for the new NWA biopic

For what it’s worth, and with all due respect to those who make their living in law enforcement, NWA’s Fuck tha Police is a really good song. As for the suggestion that this could have something to do with the new NWA biopic, Straight Outta Compton, which is scheduled to be released this summer, I […]

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Foiling anti-Ypsi plots hatched in Ann Arbor, singing and talking animal dissection with Annie Palmer, and discussing the whereabouts of our most evil trees… on episode twelve of The Saturday Six Pack

This week’s episode of the Saturday Six Pack was an odd one. It started normal enough, with an in-depth discussion about the plot hatched in Ann Arbor to defund Ypsi’s Convention and Visitors Bureau, but then it kind of began a steady descent into madness, until, by the end of the show, we were pulling […]

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Dear Bank of Ann Arbor, I know you really want to, but you shouldn’t share everything with the #localbusiness tag

Someone should tell the folks at Bank of Ann Arbor that this probably isn’t a story that they want to be sharing, seeing as how Bee only started working with ZipCap after having been turned down for a loan by them. Bee, as some of you may have heard us discuss a few weeks ago […]

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The fight over the Ypsi Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, Annie Palmer, long forgotten local history, and tons more… on this weekend’s edition of The Saturday Six Pack

I think we’ve got another good show lined up for you this weekend… We’ll start out with a little local controversy, talking with Debbie Locke-Daniel, the head of the Ypsilanti Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (YACVB), about current attempts to defund her organization and hand over the task of marketing Ypsilanti to the Ann Arbor […]

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Saturday Six Pack listener in Colorado offers to return to Michigan and tell the story of meeting John Holmes at an Ypsilanti porn store in the ’70s

The radio show just got an interesting iTunes review from a fellow who, in the 1970s, apparently worked at one of Ypsi’s downtown porn stores, and he’s offered to come into the studio and tell stories the next time he’s in Michigan. [He’s now an industrial designer in Colorado.] Here, in case you can’t read […]

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