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Checking in with Ypsi’s least favorite son, Tom Monaghan

The new issue of Businessweek has an interesting piece comparing and contrasting Michigan’s aging pizza barons, Tom Monaghan and Mike Ilitch. And, as it’s been a while since we’ve discussed Monaghan, who started Domino’s here in Ypsilanti in 1960, I thought that I’d share a bit. Tom Monaghan was once a billionaire. He owned 244 […]

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Ypsilanti’s Washtenaw International High School ranks 2nd in statewide ACT rankings

While I don’t think that you can necessarily judge the quality of a school based on test scores alone, it’s incredibly cool to know that, after just three years in operation, Ypsilanti’s Washtenaw International High School is already the highest performing school in Washtenaw County (relative to ACT scores), and the second highest ranking high […]

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Ypsi doesn’t look nearly as terrifying from a few hundred feet up

I know I should be looking for my house and other landmarks of personal importance, but all I can think when watching this arial footage of Ypsilanti is how laughably ridiculous people are who leave comments on the website of the Ann Arbor News about how terrifying this city of ours is. I know this […]

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Meanwhile in Ypsilanti

I’m not sure why Chris Sandon brought this particular local job opportunity to my attention, as I’m notoriously rude and unprofessional during my coital piercing sessions, but I like that I’m the first person he thinks of when things like this cross his desk.

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Today on the Water Street Commons

[Photo by filmmaker Adam Wright, taken at Ypsilanti's Water Street Commons sculpture park.]

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