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Better luck next time, you nasty, old, business-killing Obama!

Try as he might, it would appear that our evil, freedom-hating President, Barack Hussein Obama, has failed miserably in his attempt to crush the small business owners of America… Much to his chagrin, in fact, it would seem that some, like Ypsilanti’s Rene Greff, the owner of our beloved Corner Brewer, even thinks that Obamacare […]

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The Home Shopping Network descends on a defenseless Ypsilanti

Long gone are the days when A-list Hollywood celebrities like Robert DeNiro, Drew Barrymore and Milla Jovovich would flock to Ypsilnati and cause a stir. Today, things are different. Now that our overly-aggressive film industry incentives have dried up, and the steady flow of celebrities has slowed to a trickle, it takes a hell of […]

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Julia Collins, the owner of Ypsi Studio, on growing up in Ypsi, taking risks, and being successful when people thought you’d fail

Almost ten years ago now, local entrepreneur Julia Collins decided to disregard the advice of many and open a small fitness studio in Downtown Ypsilanti, right next door to our local strip club. Well, it turns out that she was right. Her business, Ypsi Studio, has continued to grow since its initial launch, and, right […]

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Playing chess on Water Street… Ypsi Food Co-op takes Family Dollar in three moves

So, yesterday, as Arlo and I were chasing “Sammy the Turkey” around Feral Farm, it kind of came to me in a flash what we should be working toward on Water Street. It would take some strategizing on our part to make it work, but I think there’s a chance that, if we play all […]

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Video: Owners of The Rocket, Wurst Bar, Bona Sera Cafe and Jacobsen Daniels Associates talk candidly about doing business in Ypsilanti

Given that we just crossed over into National Masturbation Month, I thought that I’d share a titillating video this evening. Unfortunately, Linette has the parental controls set in such a way that it’s impossible me for me to do that, though. So, instead, here’s video of me on the stage at Woodruff’s a few days […]

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