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“Be very skeptical”… A warning from 1992 concerning the merger of Convention and Visitors Bureaus

In the wake of last week’s post about County plans to shift funds away from the Ypsilanti Area Convention and Visitors Bureau and into the coffers of its counterpart in Ann Arbor, a lot of interesting things have been showing up in my in-box. While I can’t share most of it, I thought that some […]

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State Rep Jeff Irwin, talking trees with Ben Connor Barrie, and the Ypsilanti History Minute with Matt Siegfried… on this weekend’s Saturday Six Pack

This coming Saturday’s show, as always, will be awesome. We’ll start out by talking with Michigan State Rep Jeff Irwin about raising the sales tax to fix our roads, his apparent disdain for daylight saving time, and anything else you might want to call in about. And then we’ll chat with the likes of Matt […]

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SAE, the only national fraternity to have its roots in the antebellum South, is once again at the center of a story on racism

As I’m sure you know by now, a video surfaced a few days ago of well-dressed, white University of Oklahoma fraternity members singing together on a bus about how there will never be a black person in their frat – Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE). “There will never be a nigger at SAE,” the men sang […]

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Apparently I had a revelation in my sleep last night

I found this sitting on the table beside my bed this morning. As it’s in my handwriting, I imagine that I must have written it at some point during the night. While I doubt that beloved local historian James Mann is, in fact, a ghost, I do like the idea that he could be. If […]

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Judge Carlton Reeves, sentencing three white men to prison for the murder of a black man in Mississippi, delivers a powerful speech on the legacy of lynching

In the early hours of June 26, 2011, 18-year old Deryl Dedmon, who had been drinking with friends, drove his pick-up truck over a man by the name of James Craig Anderson in Jackson, Mississippi, killing him. Dedmon was white. Anderson was black. Dedmon fled the scene of the crime, but, thanks to surveillance camera […]

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