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Telling shit from Shinola… It’s not as easy as you might think

I don’t think I’ve ever weighed in one way or the other on Shinola, the somewhat controversial Detroit-based marketer of expensive watches, bicycles and notebooks. As I recall, I may have once noted how incredibly douchey I found the spectacle of four economic development professionals, at some point during a public forum on the future […]

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Finding out that she only loves you for your corpse…

Someone should remake Love American Style for the modern era the same way that Charlie Brooker brought back the Twilight Zone for a new generation in the form of Black Mirror… And the first episode, I think, should draw its inspiration from the following story. If you haven’t read the news, it would appear that […]

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Obscure recordings, eating the leftovers of others, and sex ed puppetry for kids… on the Saturday Six Pack with Mark Maynard

On our very first show, a young boy called in from Ann Arbor to proclaim, somewhat inexplicably, “I have no regrets.” Well, unlike him, I do have regrets. This week, mistakes were made. I won’t list them here, as doing so would be both painful and tedious, but I did want to acknowledge that lessons […]

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On the upcoming “Saturday Six Pack with Mark Maynard”…. episode four preview

I won’t bore you with the background. Now that we’re about a month in, I suppose most of you know that I’ve got a Saturday evening radio program on Ypsilanti’s AM 1700, during which I invite people into the studio to share a six pack with me, and take calls from strangers, right? Well, if […]

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The Spinning Dot Theatre presents The Cat Who Ran this Friday in Ypsilanti

[The following post was written by Linette Lao, who, after a dozen years of watching Mark blog alone, has finally decided to experience the joy of blogging for herself.] As a parent, I’ve been to quite a few children’s theater productions, and what I love most is watching kids watch. Their delight is so direct, […]

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