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Mr. Quintron to demo the Drum Buddy in Ann Arbor this afternoon

I know it’s short notice, but Mr. Quintron, the inventor of the Drum Buddy, and my former Bulb Records label-mate, will be at the Ann Arbor downtown library at 1:00 this afternoon, all the way from New Orleans, to give a special, all-ages demonstration of how the Drum Buddy “uses oscillators, a coffee can and […]

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Talking mental illness, stigma, suicide and personalized treatment options with John Greden, executive director of the U-M Depression Center

In the immediately aftermath of Robin Williams’ death, there was a great deal of talk in the press about suicide, depression, and the fact that the two, all too often, go hand in hand. As someone who not only suffers from OCD and depression, but who has also lost several members of his family to […]

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So, does this mean that Cross Street Books is gone forever?

If this truly is the end, I’ll miss Cross Street Books. I know it was a claustrophobic mess, but it was a claustrophobic mess of wonder and delight. It was kind of a magical place, where you never knew what you might find, and I can’t imagine Ypsilanti without it. (It’s kind of like a […]

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Fucking with the sitcom format for laughs, terror

After last night’s political rant, I’m kind of exhausted. And, as that’s the case, I’ve decided to take the day off from blogging, and just lay here on the couch, with the laptop balanced precariously atop my belly, watching some of my favorite sitcom parodies… In case you’d like to join me, I’ll be watching […]

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Introducing Ann Arbor’s Aquarium Gallery

A few months ago, the Ann Arbor Awesome Foundation presented a $1,000 cash grant to artist Lea Bult for the establishment of a small, 24-hour micro gallery in what had been a vacant shop window looking out on Ashley Street, near the intersection with Liberty, in downtown Ann Arbor. And, now that it’s up and […]

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