Trump asks the President of Ukraine to make nice with Russia, the country that attacked it and stole its land

I want to write about everything that’s happened today, as writing about things here helps me to process things, but, before I dive in, I wanted to share this piece of video with you. It was taken earlier today in New York City, at the United Nations building, where Donald Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky had made themselves available to talk with the press. Donald Trump, after saying, “I owned something called the Miss Universe pageant years ago… we had a winner from Ukraine… it’s a country with tremendous potential,” and then going on to share a few conspiracy theories, suggested that Zelensky get together with Putin and “solve (their) problem.”

The “problem”, of course, is that Putin’s military, in violation of international law, invaded the sovereign country of Ukraine, took possession of the Crimean peninsula, and left over 10,000 people dead in the process.

Zelensky’s pained facial expression, after hearing Trump’s suggestion that he and Putin just get together and work our their differences, speaks volumes.

This, of course, won’t get a lot of news today, given everything else that’s going on relative to Trump’s impeachment, but it deserves to be talked about. The fact that we have a President who, despite having been in the job for almost three years, is still so completely ignorant of even the most basic elements of foreign policy, is an absolute embarrassment. And, that, I should add, is the most generous interpretation of events. A more likely explanation, of course, is that he’s so completely beholden to Vladimir Putin, that he knowingly makes statements like this, not because he’s a complete and total fool, but because he knows that doing so will keep him in the good graces of a dictator who holds power over him. Either way, we’re fucked.

[It’s worth noting that Trump has never held Putin responsible for the annexation of Crimea, instead choosing to blame everything on Obama. It wasn’t an aggressive Putin that stole Crimea, Trump suggested recently, but a weak Obama who had it “taken away” from him.]

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  1. iRobert
    Posted September 25, 2019 at 10:36 pm | Permalink

    I’m not sure how it’s possible to perceive Trump as actually in charge of anything. In my universe he appears ridiculously superficial and incapable of basic comprehension. But people keep talking about him like he’s normal. It’s like being in the twilight zone.

  2. dogmatic dolt
    Posted September 25, 2019 at 10:41 pm | Permalink

    Aloha MM, You seem to be unaware of the Minsk Agreement which brought an end to the war in Ukraine. There are some extreme Nazi groups like the Azov Battalion which engage in violations of the Minsk Agreement. The new Ukraine President is attempting to bring these lawless Nazi’s under control without setting off a new civil war in Ukraine. If that can happen he will follow through on implementing the Minsk Agreement. One of the key elements of was the disbanding of armed militias-like the Azov Battalion (the one whom the US soldier wannabe terrorist Jarrett William Smith is linked to) . The prior President refused to follow the agreement. He was kicked out of office by some one who wants to be a putin puppet rather than a Nazi lapdog.

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