Trump’s legal team readies for war as the threat of impeachment grows

This past March 10, Maggie Haberman reported in the New York Times that Ty Cobb, the White House attorney coordinating the administration’s response to the Mueller investigation, would soon be stepping down. In that same article, Haberman also said that Trump was “in discussions with a veteran Washington lawyer who represented Bill Clinton during the impeachment process about joining the White House to help deal with the special counsel inquiry.” That lawyer, Haberman said, was Emmet Flood.

The following day, on Twitter, Donald Trump condemned the piece, calling it yet another “false story” by the “failing” New York Times.

Well, as we learned earlier this evening, the story was not “fake news.” Cobb was on his way out, and Trump had been in discussions with Flood, who has experience defending against impeachment, about joining his team. And, as of today, only one of those three lawyers that Trump mentioned being “very happy with” six weeks ago is still on the team – Jay Sekulow – the man responsible for the list of 49 questions that were leaked to the press earlier this weekthe questions that Donald Trump incorrectly claimed had come from Mueller’s team.

Speaking of those 49 questions, Trump’s outgoing lawyer, Ty Cobb, today confirmed that they did not come from Mueller, as the President had suggested. “It’s very difficult to see who, if anybody, benefits from the leak of that, other than people who have been trying to sabotage the possibility of an interview,” he said… Cobb, you see, had been urging Trump to cooperate with the investigation, and meet with Mueller’s team, whereas others in the administration had been urging the President to be more combative. And, it would seem, in the end, Cobb lost the fight, and those who sought to “sabotage the possibility of an interview,” got their way.

Here, to give you a sense of this behind-the-scenes battle between presidential advisors, is a brief excerpt from this evening’s New York Times.

And, as for this new, more combative direction the Trump team is taking, here’s a little something from today’s Washington Post.

…Flood will soon work alongside a remade group of personal lawyers — including another hire expected in the coming weeks — as they devise a new strategy to deal with Mueller’s team, according to White House advisers.

The latest upheaval of the president’s legal team comes as Trump has adopted an increasingly hostile posture toward the special counsel, whose investigation has expanded into an examination of whether Trump obstructed justice by seeking to shut down the probe…

So, just to recap… Trump, when it was recently reported that he was thinking of bringing on a lawyer with impeachment experience, called it “fake news.” It wasn’t. Furthermore, two days ago, when he accused the special counsel of leaking questions, calling it “disgraceful,” he was lying. The questions, we now know, came from his own legal team. And, not just that, but we also know, according to his outgoing lawyer, Ty Cobb, that they were leaked purposefully in order to keep the interview from happening. And, best of all, we know that Trump is now gearing up for an even uglier fight — one that will, no doubt, put our nation in even more peril.

Sweet dreams, my invisible friends.

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  1. Anonymous
    Posted May 3, 2018 at 8:41 am | Permalink

    Ty Cobb must be stupid. From what I’ve read, he appears to genuinely believe that Trump is innocent. He’s been replaced by people who know what’s up.

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