Mr. Quintron to demo the Drum Buddy in Ann Arbor this afternoon

quintronbuddy2I know it’s short notice, but Mr. Quintron, the inventor of the Drum Buddy, and my former Bulb Records label-mate, will be at the Ann Arbor downtown library at 1:00 this afternoon, all the way from New Orleans, to give a special, all-ages demonstration of how the Drum Buddy “uses oscillators, a coffee can and light to make sounds and, ultimately, music.” So, if you’re interested in the science of music, or perhaps know of kids who could use some kick-ass inspiration, this could be a pretty good time.

If you’ve never before seen the Drum Buddy in action, I’d highly recommend that you check out the infomercial, which, if you ask me, is still one of the 10 most incredible things on the internet.

Also, while you’re at the library, by sure to check out the massive collection of synthesizers, guitar pedals, theremins and the like they have available for checkout… Speaking of which, one wonders if the AADL might be persuaded today to become the first library in the world with a Drum Buddy in their lending collection. That, I think, would be pretty fucking awesome.

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    Based on what I heard last night at Quintron’s Blind Pig show, he might also be sharing a few of his other inventions, like the Spit Machine (a drum machine powered by saliva) and the Weather Warlock (a synth that makes sounds based on weather).

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    From Peter Larson:

    Excellent label summit featuring the administrations and families of Rhinestone Records, Bulb Records and Hanson Records! Today, we learned about science, technology and the weather from the illustrious Martin Quintron. Polly Thermon conducted in-depth field recordings and Marie Dufran served as PR for the Weather Warlock.

    The children were introduced to the underworld of recreational electric shock treatment.

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    It’s no joke. Kids really were electrocuted.

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