The end times are upon us

So far today we’ve had an earthquake and a tornado here in Michigan. One wonders what might be next. I’m tempted to come up from the basement and look out the window, but I’m afraid that I might find the Huron River on fire, or dogs and cats making love in the street… or, worse yet, it could very well be raining oil.

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  1. Posted June 23, 2010 at 9:32 pm | Permalink

    And, no, I don’t think it was really raining oil. I don’t think oil could evaporate up, into the clouds, like they’re suggesting. I think it’s much more likely that the rain just brought oil up from the surface of the street in that video, which often happens. That’s not to say that the oil isn’t a huge environmental problem. I just don’t think we’ll see clouds of oil because of it. We may however see hurricanes blowing oil onto shore by the barrel-full.

  2. Knox
    Posted June 24, 2010 at 6:24 am | Permalink

    I was hoping for a tidal wave to round out our trifecta.

  3. Kim
    Posted June 24, 2010 at 7:03 am | Permalink

    Can someone explain to me when sirens go off in Ypsi? Is it when the conditions are ripe for a tornado, or is it when a tornado has actually been spotted?

  4. Laura
    Posted June 24, 2010 at 9:56 am | Permalink

    My dog tries to make love to my cat often… I can let them loose into the street, if that’s what will make this complete for you.

  5. Posted June 24, 2010 at 10:17 am | Permalink

    Kim, I was wondering the same thing on Twitter. Back in the day (when I was a kid, anyway!), they only sounded when the message was, “Grab onto your ass–they’s a comin’!” So you took it seriously, because one had been sighted in your immediate area. A few people on Twitter told me that now technology is much better and they can tell when there is a certain rotation that might lead to a tornado and then sound the sirens.
    I understand that it’s better to be safe but sorry but I can already see some unintended consequences…if the siren just means a tornado MAY form and thus is sounded a lot, are we really going to bunker down every single time? I’m not. I didn’t last night. I liked the old-school siren because I knew it wasn’t playing with me–the tornado had been spotted and it was time to get gone into my basement.
    I think I’ve put way too much thought into this.

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