The thankless task of editing Dreamland Tonight


For the last few days, my friend Mike Ambs has taken time away from editing his own film to focus on the editing of Dreamland Tonight’s first episode. Hopefully, someday, I can repay him. In the meantime, though, he’ll have to settle for this little, online shout-out.

I don’t know that it really fits here, but I’ve known Mike since he was about 18. He and his friend Chuck came out to Ypsi from Tecumseh, or some other god-forsaken place, to interview me for a school project. I guess they’d read my magazine, Crimewave USA, and liked it. Anyway, it’s cool to now know Mike as an adult, getting ready to release his first full-length film. A lot of people talk about going out to LA and making films, but Mike’s one of the few people I’ve known to actually follow through on it. And I’m proud of what he’s accomplished.

Oh, I should also mention that Mike’s encouraging us to start a campaign on Kickstarter to raise money for dedicated video cameras and a mixing board so that we can webcast Dreamland Tonight live, which I think would be incredibly cool.

Speaking of the show, the next episode is going to take place the evening of Friday, April 2nd. Be sure to put it on your schedule.

Oh, and I should also take this opportunity thank my friend Ted Kennedy, without whom, there would be very little video for Mike to edit. He was kind enough to come out to Ypsi on a cold and snowy night to shoot the first episode, and, for that, I will be eternally grateful. If you see Ted at the next Shadow Art Fair, be sure to give him a pat on the back, or, better yet, an ice-cold beer wrapped up in a $20 bill.

There’s nothing cooler, by the way, than being involved in a creative project with people you like and respect. If you haven’t tried it, you should… There’s nothing better.

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  1. DRich
    Posted March 15, 2010 at 9:20 pm | Permalink

    Yeah, I’ll have to try that some time.

  2. Posted March 15, 2010 at 9:26 pm | Permalink

    Yes, Monkey Power, sadly, doesn’t count.

  3. Posted March 16, 2010 at 5:49 am | Permalink

    ….And you know that I was just kidding, right, Dan? Monkey Power very much does count. I’m extremely lucky in that every project I work on, by some kind of mysterious luck, attracts good, creative people. Dreamland Tonight is just the most recent project. That’s been the case with Crimewave, Monkey Power, the Shadow Art Fair, and the Cycle Powered Cinema project. I’m a lucky guy.

  4. Kim
    Posted March 16, 2010 at 8:09 am | Permalink

    I miss Mike’s old blog, Caliblog.

  5. Posted March 16, 2010 at 10:03 pm | Permalink

    Aww :) this was an awesome post to find waiting in my rss reader today. Thanks Mark.

    And I do have to say it means quite a lot to me to hear you say those nice things about me trying so hard to follow through… *nods* Without getting too cheesy, just, yea, that means a lot.

    @Kim: That is crazy to hear someone say that. Billy wrote such a heartfelt post that I’ve just been reluctant to write another post.

  6. Mitchell
    Posted March 17, 2010 at 1:38 pm | Permalink

    When’s the video going to be posted? Will it be up by this weekend?

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