Stumbling on the genesis of Twilight


I couldn’t sleep Saturday night, so I watched television. At 3:00 AM, I found myself flipping between the silent film Nosferatu and American Pie II. And, as anyone would, I later posted that fact on Facebook. The best response, I think, came from my friend Josh in LA.

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Carl Sagan: mathematical proof of advanced civilizations

It’s true – he’s no Richard Heene Psyience Detective, but Sagan was pretty cool for his time.

Speaking of the odds that there’s life on other planets, if Sagan is right, and if there are potentially thousands, or even millions of planets out there with intelligent life, I wonder what the odds are that some of them have equivalents to our Richard Heene and Octomom.

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Cross Street Station reunion

Linette and I first met about 16 years ago in an Ypsilanti bar called Cross Street Station. It’s been closed for several years now, but apparently quite a few people still have fond memories of the filthy, old place that, for whatever reason, agreed to book my band when few Ann Arbor clubs would. The bar closed over a decade ago, and the property has since been condemned. It’s still standing, though. At least the facade is. And it’s crossed my mind many a time that I should put some kind of memorial plaque outside, noting that it’s where Linette’s seduction of me first began. Anyway, it’s come to my attention that there’s a movement afoot to reunite folks who used to frequent the bar.

The reunion will take place in Ypsilanti at the Corner Brewery on Wednesday, November 25th, at 6:00 PM. People are being asked to RSVP to James Christie (, if they’re planning to attend. And, I’m told, those who attend will be asked to contribute $4 toward the rental of the room. Other than that, I don’t have any information.

I wasn’t a regular there by any means, but, like I said, I did play there on occasion, and I may attend the reunion. I suppose it’s possible that I might recognize someone who once yelled “boooo,” or ran away in horror as I began attacking my bass with cutlery. I’m not sure what I’d say to them, though… Maybe I’d apologize.

In other Cross Street-related news, I hear that Ward, the bar manager responsible for booking my band to play that fateful evening, and thereby the man ultimately responsible for introducing me to Linette, and his wife, Val, are expecting a baby…. Isn’t that cool?

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Turning the corner on the public option

According to the Washington Post, the momentum is shifting toward a public option. Here’s a clip:

Democratic leaders in the Senate and House have concluded that a government-run insurance plan is the cheapest way to expand health coverage, and they sought Friday to rally support for the idea, prospects for which have gone in a few short weeks from bleak to bright.

The shift in momentum is so dramatic that many lawmakers now predict that President Obama will sign a final bill that includes some form of government-sponsored insurance for people who do not receive coverage through the workplace. Even Democrats with strong reservations about expanding government’s role in the health-care system say they are reconsidering the approach in hopes of making low-cost plans broadly available.

Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (Nev.) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) sought support Friday for expansive versions of the public option as they prepared to send reform legislation to the Senate and House floors. Their goal is to pass bills with similar versions of the public insurance option so that final talks between the two chambers can focus on other issues that could prove more difficult to resolve.

The public option emerged as a flash point in the reform debate at the outset, with liberals championing it as a precursor to a single-payer system and conservatives warning that it would lead to rationing. The rhetoric reached a fever pitch in hundreds of raucous town-hall meetings during the August congressional recess, leading Democrats — including Obama — to back off the idea for fear that it would sink overall reform legislation…

The debate at this point seems to be more on how states would opt in or out of the program, and not whether or not a public option will exist.

Here’s hoping the momentum continues. (Don’t stop calling your elected officials.)

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You gotta love Al Franken

When’s the last time one of your Senators showed this much spunk?

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