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    I can’t stop. Now I’m reading about Jim Greenleaf, the guy who we just saw get killed in the shower. The following comes from a networking site he’s a member of:

    I have been a member of SAG/AFTRA since 1977. I have raised 4 wonderful children. In my 32 years as an actor ([my IMDB is Jim Greenleaf)][1] I’m currently represented by AKA Agency, Beverly Hills, C A. and The Premier Talent Group, Los Angeles, CA. I have studied many of my life’s choices to keep a roof over my family. I have written, produced over 200 regional commercials. Most recently performed as a member of a sketch comedy for Comedy Central Pilot starring Jo Koy. I’m currently booked as a Finance Manager at Sierra Motors, a GM Dealer in Sonora Ca. For the past two years I have researched the greatest Icon mythical character of the last 500 years: ‘Santa Claus ‘. The result of this dedication is the most branded Santa on the Internet under the footprint of; “[Santalivenow][2]”. I have written, produced, and starred in over 90 videos of Santa and on the Internet have over 500,000 unique views. My work as a real bearded Santa on the Internet is to make everything I do safe for children around the world learning to enjoy the possibilities the web offers. I’ve written a book as Santa containing 18 never before told stories about Santa journeys through time and around the world and even to the moon. Entitled, [“THE SANTA STORIES”,][3] each story contains a strong family moral value weaved in between great new Christmas characters. I have also produced a DVD of Santa in a cabin setting by the fireplace reading the stories to the child in all of us. In only 9 one hour [live video podcast shows][4] last December on the Stickam social network platform Santa had over 266,000 live views and over 400,000 views embedded on 40 different URL’s around the world. I created a 25 days of Christmas Advent Calendar that was down loaded to iTunes over 15,000 times in December alone and continues today. Last Christmas my work took me to San Francisco becoming a [MALL SANTA][5]. Between my book which is based on the stories I create on the Internet and experience as a Mall Santa I have created this unique brand and property culminating with a new classic Christmas movie script, “[IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE ON 34TH STREET”.][6] [1]: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0339117/ [2]: http://www.santalivenow.com [3]: http://santalivenow.com/SATALIVE SHOP.htm [4]: http://www.stickam.com/santalivenow [5]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onlrHCvggOA [6]: http://www.santalivenow.com [less]

    He apparently likes Santa.

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    Damn, the internet is a weird place.

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    OK, OK, if no one else is going to go, I’ll make the next move.

    Let’s go from that TAG shower death seen to this re-imagining of the famous shower scene in Psycho.

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    OK, now I want to make a lateral move, to another shot for shot remake of an American classic.

    I give you Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  5. Carl
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    The screenplay for Raiders of the Lost Ark was written by Lawrence Kasdan, who also wrote The Big Chill. He’s presently working on a project known around Hollywood as the “Untitled Big Chill Remake,” which reminds me of the scene in The Player where Buck Henry, the writer of The Graduate, is trying pathetically to sell his idea for a sequel to that classic film. And here it is:


  6. Jules
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    oh god, the bear site is awesome. i love the internets!

  7. EL
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    Lawrence Kasdan went to U-M and got his degree from the School of Education. Maybe you should get him back here to film a movie, Mark, and attend a showing at the Vu w/you.

  8. LTA
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    Whoopi Goldberg was in the Player. She was also in It’s A Very Muppet Christmas with Robert Smigel, who is the voice of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, seen here at a Star Wars screening.


  9. Ken
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    One offensive dog deserves another.

    May I present, Dog the Bounty Hunter.


  10. LTA
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    Bounty, huh?


  11. Seven Larry Seven
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    Rosie the waitress was played by Nancy Walker. She died of lung cancer on March 25, 1992. Prior to that, she guest starred on the Muppet Show, among other things.


  12. Ed D
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    Can someone verify something for me? Was Anton LaVey ever a guest on the Muppet Show?

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    Muppet Bloopers!

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    And, by posting that, I don’t mean to imply that Anton LaVey is in said Muppet bloopers. I just think it’s a nice move from Nancy Walker and the Muppets, as it open up the door to the world of bloopers.

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    Thanks to you, I’m watching Star Trek bloopers now.

  16. Posted October 9, 2009 at 8:29 pm | Permalink

    If this site has accomplished nothing else, at least we were able to tie Anton LaVey and Nancy Walker together. No one can take that from us.

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