Easter Greetings


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  1. Posted April 7, 2009 at 8:03 pm | Permalink

    This was my friend Marty, a few years ago, during our Zombie Claus outing. I want to write more, but I’m completely exhausted.

  2. Sam Block
    Posted April 8, 2009 at 8:40 am | Permalink

    It’s weird. Religion is full of good, positive examples of people rising from the dead. In popular culture, however, I can’t think of even one. No one rises from the dead to do great things. They rise from the dead to eat brains.

  3. Paw
    Posted April 8, 2009 at 2:11 pm | Permalink

    Why is Easter associated with rabbits? Did I miss something in the Bible? Did Jesus have a rabbit sidekick?

  4. Posted April 9, 2009 at 7:48 am | Permalink

    Much Christian iconography is a direct appropriation of earth-based symbols. Rabbits and eggs are both spring symbols denoting fertility. In spring, we celebrate fertility as the earth wakes up. And it’s even more true at Christmas: the date (winter solstice), the circle wreath of evergreens (dormant life) or pinecones (seeds of life), the holiday lights (days begin to get longer at winter solstice), evergreen tree (tree of life), the infant “son” (or sun), etc. Many carols have a first verse of Christian symbols grafted on, with all pagan verses following. There are also Easter carols like that. So, that’s why the Rabbit.

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