the best racist conspiracy theory i’ve heard yet to explain obama’s win

This comes from a comment left at

The Obama victory is a sham. I know prostitutes who were forced to register by their black pimps and vote for Barack “angry blackman act” Obama. These prostitutes live in motels and don’t even have a permanent residence…

First off, as I think Obama won a few states by over a million votes, there must be one hell of a lot of prostitutes out there working for black, politically-active pimps.

And, second, I love how the guy who left the comment claims to know these prostitutes, like he has meetings with them. I think that’s wonderful.

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  1. Robert
    Posted November 6, 2008 at 9:28 pm | Permalink

    I also like how he distinguishes black pimps from white ones. It’s important to be clear about that. You wouldn’t want to disparage white pimps.

    Pimps consider themselves managers and “white collar” so they are usually Republicans. Except for those few really progressive pimps, they generally try to discourage their employees from organizing hooker unions or registering to vote.

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