the december coupon is for beezy’s

This month, you’re in for a special treat, my friends. Two-for-one breakfast items at Beezy’s (between 7:00 and 9:00 AM), or a free espresso drink with the purchase of a salad or sandwich (between 2:00 and 5:00 PM). All you have to do is print this handy coupon, and take it in with you… So, if you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to come out to Ypsi and see what all the fuss is about, now’s your chance… Enjoy.

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give the $25 billion to japan

In the new issue of Newsweek, Fareed Zakaria poses a few questions to Al Gore. The piece is interesting, as they talk about Gore’s unsuccessful attempt to pass an increased gas tax and a number of other timely topics, but I found this exchange on the possibility of a bailout of the Big Three to be particularly noteworthy.

ZAKARIA: Would you bail out the carmakers?

GORE: Whatever assistance might be forthcoming should be focused on speeding the changes that are absolutely essential to ensure that our companies are competitive in the global marketplace. When I was vice president, I initiated a program called the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles. The federal government invested over a billion dollars in partnership with the Big Three to focus on the accelerated development of advanced high-efficiency vehicles. But as soon as they felt they were off the hook at the end of 2000, they pulled the plug and walked away.

OK, here’s a crazy idea. What if we do invest that $25 billion in electric vehicle research, but we give every dime not to the Big Three, but to Honda and Toyota, with the understanding that they build plants and create jobs here in the United States? Or, better yet, Michigan? And I’m not kidding. If we’re really intent on significant change, and if the future of the planet really hangs in the balance, why would we give the money to three companies that have proven to be criminally irresponsible and devoid of vision at every turn? Why not give the money instead to companies that are likely to keep moving the ball forward?

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an effort to create a grassroots coalition of public transportation users

I’ve just been made aware that there’s “Wayne/Washtenaw Transit Forum” taking place this Tuesday evening at the Ekklesia Fellowship Ministries (123 North Adams Street, Ypsilanti). I’m told that the meeting, which is set to begin at 7:00, will be attended by Terri Blackmore of WATS, Dawn Gabay of the AATA, and Hayes Jones of SMART. The organization behind the event is apparently a group called MOSES (Metropolitan Organizing Strategy Enabling Strength). The following blurb comes from the flyer for the event that I was just given.

The current state of our community, economy and environment leaves us no choice but to take a serious look at an effective mass transportation system that allows access and options for all of Southeast Michigan’s residents. Join local congregations and others as we promote better transit options for our community.

From what I can tell, this is an early-stage grassroots movement designed to raise awareness on transportation-related issues, and organize community action when necessary. Of course, I may be misreading things, but it sounds to me like a bigger, broader version of what Laura Bien and others here in Ypsilanti created a few years ago with their now defunct group Keep Ypsi Rolling. For what it’s worth, I think it’s a great idea… Hopefully our friends at either the Ypsi Citizen, or the Ann Arbor Chronicle will be there to cover it for those of us who cannot attend due to the life-sucking entity known as the December 6th Shadow Art Fair.

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when the kid strikes back

It’s weird. I was sitting here at the kitchen table, working on a comic about our decision not to spank Clementine, and I decided to take a break for a moment and catch up on the news about the Mumbai terrorist attacks. I got online, and the first thing to catch my eye was an article about that eight year old boy who shot his father to death in Arizona a few days ago. It looks now as though the kid may have kept a tally of every hit he’d ever taken from his dad. When it reached 1,000, the kid, according to the story, decided to strike back. The cynic in me thinks it’s probably a ploy by the kid’s defense attorney meant to win sympathy for him in the press, but the imagery is just so painfully vivid… And before the pro-spankers out there get all bent out of shape, I should point out that it’s likely this father in Arizona was doing more than spanking his son on the bottom. Regardless, though, I’m taking it as one more data point confirming that we probably made the right decision.

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thanksgiving has been rick rolled!

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