granholm with obama, on food stamps

On they day of the final presidential debate, polls show that Obama may be up by as much as 16 points in Michigan. I suppose it’s possible that McCain would be polling higher had he chosen to stay and fight in the state, but I doubt it would have made that significant of a difference. In the face of such a truly massive Obama effort here, it would seem as though the McCain campaign did the right thing when they cut their losses to focus elsewhere. Of course, as we all know, leads can evaporate overnight, especially when race is involved.

It appears as though, now the Obama campaign is pulling out of the state as well, or at least significantly cutting down on the staffing in their 60 Michigan offices. According to today’s “Detroit News,” the Obama campaign could be moving as many as 100 people to other swing states. Michigan, however, still appears important to them. In fact, word is that Obama has asked Governor Granholm to be his guest at this evening’s New York debate.

While it’s incredibly encouraging that our Governor seems to have a good relationship with the man who very well could be our next President, one has to wonder if going to New York is in her best interest. At least I think I would find it hard to stay true to my pledge of only eating and drinking $5.87 worth of food and drink a day, if I were in the candidate’s New York entourage. Maybe she’s stronger than I am, though…. And I’m only half kidding about that. While I do think it’s extremely important for the state that she attend, I also take her week-long pledge to the Michigan Food Stamp Challenge seriously, and hope that she would too. It’s important for a Governor to be well networked at the top, but it’s also good for her to understand the needs and concerns of those at the bottom.

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  1. Robert
    Posted October 16, 2008 at 12:52 pm | Permalink

    I think Granholm might have also pledged to see me living in foodstamps as soon as possible.

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