pelosi’s gift to the men and women of america

I’m not sure if he made it himself, or if he picked it up somewhere on the net, but I just received the following holiday card from regular Edweird, and felt compelled to pass it along… Those of you who would like to share your thoughts with Speaker of the House Nancy “No Impeachment” Pelosi can find her contact information here… And, once you’re done spitting bile, if you’ve got the energy, send Congressman Wexler a note of appreciation for what he’s been doing. Or, better yet, sign his petition to initiate impeachment hearings against Cheney. Just because Pelosi presently seems unwilling to follow through on the will of the American people, it doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

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  1. egpenet
    Posted December 27, 2007 at 7:26 pm | Permalink

    OK. OK. OK.

    Aside from the negligible fact that the Energy Bill passed as was signed into law over Dingell’s Dangle, it may, over time help cut emissions, but higher C.A.F.E. is no silver bullet. At least some attention was written into the bill regarding wind and solar. Using food for fuel is the stupidest thing, in my opinion.

    And we got a Farm Bill (should be called the Food Bill so more pople would pay attention). But it, too, preserves the irrational subsidies to mega-farms that are keeping prices high and not really solving our sustainability issues.

    And then … (1) there are all those dead people, (2) Cheney is loose, (3) Rove is buying property in Cartahegna, (4) and Wolfowitz and the others are also disappearing into the woodwork like roaches (we neeeed an Eli Weisel of the USA to track those guys down when the time comes tio declare them war xriminals).

    Nancy’s #1 staffer is from Ypsilanti … and this is not to indict her for Nancy’s political maneuvers. Nancy has it all over Harry Reid, IMO. But Nancy is working toward getting a Democrat elected in 2008. She is not targeting the Bush crowd, figuring that it’s water over the dam.

    Her target is a Democrat in the White House and feeding the populace legislation that can be leveraged as enlightened progress is her goal.

  2. Posted December 27, 2007 at 8:24 pm | Permalink

    Pelosi is what everyone fears someone in their family will become: a useless piece of crap that we have to, for some unknowable reason, put up with.

    Nice graphic. Thanks for sharing.

  3. mark
    Posted December 27, 2007 at 9:36 pm | Permalink

    I understand where you’re coming from, Ed. Maybe it would make the fight for the White House a little more difficult. I don’t think the Dems should be running away from difficult fights though. If you ask most people what’s wrong with the party, they’ll tell you that the Democrats don’t “stand for anything.” They seem wishy washy where the Republicans appear very dedicated to their various causes. I’ve personally talked with several people who claim to have voted for Bush not becasue of what he believed, or how he’s governed, but because he seemed to genuinely believe in something. This is, of course, bullshit, but people put stock in it. And with Pelosi and other Democrats running away from impeachment even though they know full well that impeachable offenses have taken place I can see why they might believe there is not moral center to the Democratic party. I say this is where the Democrats should stand up and fight. Cut funding to the war and impeach the sons of bitches.

  4. egpenet
    Posted December 27, 2007 at 10:33 pm | Permalink

    Getting back into power … and the money … is where both parties have been for some time.

    The co-incidence of the Democrats regaining the White House and the current international financial crisis doesn’t bode well. There simply ISN’T money for what the politicians promise. The war spending will stop. But that’s all funny money … off the books. In terms of a real budget and the real economy … raising taxes, like Grandholm here in Michigan (and now the Michigan gas taxes) will rerally hurt. Gasoline at the pump WILL be $4 by April or May … and most of it will be taxes.

    Pelosi is simply one more politician seeking power and money for herself and her party. No one with any real clout (committee chairpersons and/or other senior members) represents the middle class and/or the poor. Those that have clout are corporate-bound or otherwise beholding to the lobbies and other donors … Dingell & cars, for instance.

    If the Dems had ANY real power (guts) … the war could have been over a long time ago … or never would have been started. “Sorry about all the bodies” means: we kept our jobs, salaries and benefits throughout the war and we’re OK, thank God! WE survived … though some did not. Pretty callow, IMO.


  5. Posted December 29, 2007 at 11:59 pm | Permalink

    Impeachment is necessary for one reason and one reason only: it’ll make the next douchebag think twice before using the Constitution as toilet paper.

    BTW. I totally stole that graphic, but couldn’t pass up using it. I found it through Digg last week.

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