because we know all the world’s bloodiest wars were waged by athiests

Not wanting to be outdone by Bill O’Reilly and his ridiculous campaign against the so-called war on Christmas, the Pope came out today announcing that atheism, not religious fanatacism, has been responsible for some of the worst atrocities in human history. Here’s a clip from the Reuters story:

Pope Benedict, in a new encyclical released on Friday, said atheism was responsible for some of the “greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice” in history.

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the shadow is just thirteen hours away

The Shadow Art Fair begins in just about thirteen hours. If you hop in car right now in New York, you can be here by the time we throw open the doors at noon. Here’s a tutorial on how to steal a car, and here’s a map from Brooklyn, where Google Analytics tells me that a lot of you live. The rest is up to you. See you at noon.

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the severed unicorn head superstore business card cubes

These are the business cards we’ll be using for the Severed Unicorn Head Superstore. For the most part, we’ll be handing them out flat on Saturday. You’ll have to go home and construct them yourselves… We’ll have 50 all assembled though. We’ve even put tiny, severed unicorn heads inside them… They’ll go to our first 50 customers… So, find our table early… That’s all for me tonight. I need to get back to my painting. See you on Saturday.

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the first new fuel efficiency standards in decades

The new fuel economy bill is winding its way through the small intestine of Congress right now, and everyone’s holding their breath, waiting to see what comes out on the other end. It seems that there might be reason to be cautiously optimistic. According to today’s “New York Times,” it looks like there may be consensus on an American fleetwide average of 35 gallons by 2020, which is exactly what we were calling for in our petition to John Dingell… Dingell is mentioned in the article. Right after it’s noted that, “Senate Democrats (are) insisting on a strict reading of the 35 mile-a-gallon standard and adherence to the 2020 deadline,” there’s a, “but.” And, it’s after that “but” that Dingell is mentioned. It would appear that he isn’t willing to sign on just yet. According to the article, he’s still “pushing for concessions” on the behalf of the automakers.

[This article was brought to you courtesy of the Google alternative energy initiative and the hard working hard drive scrubbers of Geeks on Call .]

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on the prospect of waterboarding john ashcroft

Addressing a crowd yesterday, John Ashcroft said that he would submit himself to the form of torture known as waterboarding. It was a courageous statement and I admire him for having made it. If fact, it’s inspired me to make a courageous statement of my own. If called upon by my country to do so, I will personally waterboard John Ashcroft.

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