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I just got a note from a friend in Atlanta:

When I was driving home from work this afternoon, I couldn’t listen to my normal NPR because they were begging for money. So while flipping around, I landing on the Georgia Tech station, WREK. They played a Monkey Power Trio song while I was listening.

I found out when the DJ listed off the songs he had just played. Yours followed a White Stripes song. He was ruminating out loud as to why the album was in a Steve Miller’s Greatest Hits cover and wondered if maybe they had lost the real cover. Funny stuff…

Today was a good news day for the band. I got the new playlist from WFMU in the mail and it seems that we’re back on the charts there too. We’re not anywhere near the top, but I’m proud to say that we’re beating the likes of Afternoon Penis, Ex Models Feat, Frog Eyes, Harvey Sid Fisher, Calvin Johnson, the Boredoms, and Elliott Smith.

[If memory serves, the record I sent it to WREK included with it a very official looking note from “an important Regent of the University,” requesting that it be played “until the mother fucking vinyl melts.”]

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    Calvin Johnson? What a great name for a band (and a wide reciever).

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