the dingell petition crosses the 100-signature milestone

Our Dingell petition crossed the 100-signature mark this afternoon, so we’re one-tenth of the way there. Thanks to all of you who have signed thus far… Of the most recent signatures to include comments, my favorite is #99. Here’s what he had to say:

As a scientist, univesity professor and a new Michigan resident, I think this petition is a modest step towards reducing dependence on traditional fuels and outdated automotive technology. Europeans laugh at my Prius because they have had regular cars for years that get comparable mileage. Our problem is almost entirely political, with a touch of economics, but it is not a science problem. If the proposal were for 100 miles per gallon, then we’d be talking science. Only politcians can advance progress in fuel economy since the automakers are clearly happy to sell us engines with 1980s-era efficiencies. We need to incentivize fuel efficiency. In the future we will look stupid for missing this chance. Michigan doesn’t have much going for it these days, it could at least use some vision from its congressional delegation.

And he’s absolutely right, by the way, about this being modest. What we’re asking for in the petition isn’t extreme by any measure. In fact, according to recent polls, it’s what 85% of Dingell’s constituents want. If you haven’t read the petition yet, please do, and, if it strikes you as being sensible — as it must have with this professor — please join us in signing.

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