oh, this next presidential season is going to be a lot of fun

The right apparently already has their sights set on the junior Senator from Illinois. Here’s a clip from the Media Matters newsletter:

Swift-Boating Obama: Right-Wing Pundit Questions Senator’s “Loyalty” to America

Debbie Schlussel Argues Obama is Muslim with Questionable Loyalties; Latest in a Long String of Smears by Pundits, Media

Taking the current media focus on Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-IL) middle name a step further, right-wing pundit and regular MSNBC guest, Debbie Schlussel argued that because Obama’s middle name is Hussein and the fact that his late father was of Muslim descent, Obama’s “loyalties” must be called into question. In her December 18 column headlined “Barack Hussein Obama: Once a Muslim, Always A Muslim,” Schlussel asked: Is this “a man we want as President when we are fighting the war of our lives against Islam? Where will his loyalties be?” She ended her column by asking if Obama becoming vice president instead would be acceptable. Answering her own question, she wrote: “NO WAY, JOSE … Or, is that, HUSSEIN?”

“Schlussel’s article is the latest example of the bigoted conservative attacks against Senator Obama,” said Karl Frisch, spokesman for Media Matters for America. “While Schlussel’s comments are among the worst, she certainly isn’t alone. The public discourse surrounding Senator Obama has devolved into a petty game of who can say his middle name more often or insult his character and ancestry with the most zeal. It’s time for this bigotry to stop. News outlets like MSNBC can make the first move. They shouldn’t give people like Schlussel airtime to spew their hate-filled conspiracy theories because when they do, they undermine their own reputations as legitimate news organizations”…

Schlussel, by the way, is from Detroit.

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  1. Shanster
    Posted December 21, 2006 at 4:18 am | Permalink

    I found this on the wikipedia. Since I don’t know how to link, I’ll just cut it and apologize:
    It’s from Obabma’s own writing…

    I was drawn to the power of the African American religious tradition to spur social change. […] In the history of these struggles, I was able to see faith as more than just a comfort to the weary or a hedge against death; rather, it was an active, palpable agent in the world. […] It was because of these newfound understandings

  2. ChelseaL
    Posted December 21, 2006 at 7:06 am | Permalink


    You can’t say you’re surprised. . ?

  3. ol' e cross
    Posted December 21, 2006 at 9:31 am | Permalink

    I have to say, I think this swift boating will fail at least with conservative Christians who take extreme exception to the notion of “Once a [anything] always a [anything].”

  4. It's Skinner Again
    Posted December 21, 2006 at 10:22 am | Permalink

    Any man whose middle name is “Walker” is obviously against automobiles.

  5. BrianB
    Posted December 21, 2006 at 12:53 pm | Permalink

    This is the first I’ve heard of a right wing pundit actually coming out and calling it the War on Islam instead of the War on Terror. She should be commended for her honesty. Obama won’t have much difficulty turning this kind of attack to his favor, I bet.

  6. Ted Glass
    Posted December 21, 2006 at 1:42 pm | Permalink

    I’m not sure of the reasoning, but I’m told there in an undercurrent in the evangelical movement that feels he’s the anti-Christ (which isn’t apparently nearly as good as being the un-cola).

  7. sfifeadams
    Posted December 21, 2006 at 2:36 pm | Permalink

    Not surprised, but vomit-worthy nevertheless. I’ve thought all along that the biggest obstacle to his winning will be his name.

  8. chris
    Posted December 21, 2006 at 6:21 pm | Permalink

    Anybody hear Terri Gross’ interview w/ the global warming evangelical minister (whose name I should have really taken note of rather than is colleague’s: Ted Haggard)?

    I was hoping there would be some change amongst this group, and he cited some stats suggesting such….but maybe not.

    I would love for him to win but I am a pessimist, and the Governor of Iowa? feh! Anybody else got any good ideas? Though I do love that polls show more New Yorkers would vote for Hillary than Giuliani (ouch!).

  9. egpenet
    Posted December 21, 2006 at 11:10 pm | Permalink

    This will be a MOST interesting political race. Both parties have a challenge to create a viable ticket … and no one running on either side appeals yet to me.

    I DO have a GORE/OBAMA 2008 button … but that is not my choice. Al isn’t running as of yet, and I don’t think he will.

    I thibnk it was DeLay that labelled Barak Obama as a Marxist. He IS more leftist than Hillary or Bill ever were. He is NOT Carter-esque. And the above “conversion” confession appears on the surface to be something of an intellectual equivocation.

    Critical thinking has obviously been suspended in his life if he has embraced The United Church of Christ, or any other. He has made a choice and unclouded critical thinking is his “road not taken.” That’s not untypical and mirrors most of us as we wallow through life without answers to “the hard questions.”

    Regardless, he’s too inexperienced in politics, never shown himself to be an idea guy, nor a leader. He’s the first of a new generation Martin Luther King said would come to transition from slavery, civil rights and unionism and get blacks into the mainstream. But that generation has yet to mature and to prove itself in society, education, politics, business, industry, the law.

    Barak Obama is what we have to look forward to as Jessie, Al and Colin become history. Barak Obama is fresh and new and represents hope … tangible hope. My bet is that we’ll have an Hispanic surname in the White House before we have a Barak Hussein Obama.

  10. Robert
    Posted November 6, 2007 at 6:50 pm | Permalink

    Unlike many of the party loyalists in this state, I believe a win for Obama in a Michigan primary/caucus would strengthen the position of the Democratic Party in the general election, regardless of who the nominee ended up being. An early win for Obama will dramatically energize voter registration drives in urban areas and college campuses across the country. So, even if Hillary ultimately wins the nomination, there will be hundreds of thousands of newly registered Democrats because of Obama’s run. And for those who truly want to see Obama as the nominee, a win in Michigan is absolutely essential.

  11. Edwards Fan
    Posted November 7, 2007 at 9:56 am | Permalink

    You aren’t jumping ship on Edwards, are you Robert?

  12. Robert
    Posted November 7, 2007 at 2:54 pm | Permalink

    No, I will not be jumping ship on Edwards. I think he would be the strongest candidate in the general, and I favor his stands on most issues. However, Edwards wouldn’t have a chance in hell of winning a Michigan primary, which of course is why party insiders who want to anoint Hillary moved it up ahead of Iowa’s caucus in the first place. But now, Michigan’s January 15th presidential primary has been effectively canceled by an Ingham County Circuit Court judge who ruled it unconstitutional. Michigan may fall back to a February 9th caucus. A caucus would be even more difficult for any of Hillary’s challengers to win, but at least it wouldn’t occur before Iowa, and the other traditionally early states.

    If Michigan does fall back to a later caucus or primary, I will certainly be voting for Edwards. However, if these folks who are trying to manipulate Michigan’s primary succeed in somehow getting it placed again as the first contest in the primary/caucus season, I will be encouraging everyone in Michigan to vote for Obama. He is the only candidate who’d have a chance of pulling off an upset over Clinton in the state.

  13. mark
    Posted November 7, 2007 at 10:06 pm | Permalink

    “Fei-ger! Fei-ger! Fei-ger!”

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