doug skinner, on youtube, but not not wikipedia

I just found out that my friend, and frequent commenter, Doug Skinner, had the honor of writing the introduction for a soon-to-be-released collection of John “Mothman” Keel’s columns from “Fate Magazine,” soon to be released on Galde Press, publisher of titles such as “Alien Rapture” and “The Lesson of Moogoo-Maagooville.” In poking around the web, looking for a publication date, I happened across Keel’s Wikipedia entry, and noticed that our friend Doug is mentioned there as well. Surprisingly, however, I also noticed that Doug’s name is in red, indicating that he, as of yet, does not have a Wikipedia entry of his own.

If any of you out there feel so inclined to start an entry for our Mr. Skinner, you might want to consider starting with these bullet points, which were left by him on this site a few weeks ago. And, whatever you do, be sure to include a link to this historic video footage of Doug and his colleague Eddie discussing optical illusions. (And I know that “colleague” probably isn’t the correct term, but I can’t remember what the p.c. term for “dummy” is. I just know that “dummy” and “puppet” are frowned on by folks these days.)

And, for all those Doug Skinner fans in the audience, a few translations that he’s done of work by eccentric French Romantic Xavier Forneret are supposed to be in the upcoming (304-page) “Strange Attractor Journal#3, accompanied by the illustrations of Betsy Heistand. I’m told that this issue also includes stuff about the catacombs under Liverpool, Stewart Home’s pranks, Hans Christian Andersen’s collages, sex magic in Paris opium dens, among other things. (For what it’s worth, the new issue of “Crimewave,” which I’m supposed to be working on right now, isn’t shaping up to be nearly as interesting.)

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    As someone just reminded me, I am wiki

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