michigan’s prop two

Not yet sure how you’re voting on Michigan’s Proposition 2 this Tuesday? Well, you might want to consider this Think Progress post:

The man leading the effort to ban affirmative action in Michigan, Ward Connerly, welcomes the support of the Ku Klux Klan. Connerly said, “If the Ku Klux Klan thinks that equality is right, God bless them. Thank them for finally reaching the point where logic and reason are being applied, instead of hate.”

Video of Connerly saying it can be found here.

And, I don’t know that it’s the case, but I think the battle now being fought across the state of Michigan on afirmitive action can in some way be tracked back here to Ypsilanti, where Tom “I Make Shitty Pizza” Monaghan launched his infamous campaign to deny equal rights to homosexuals. At least I believe the two iniatives are somehow linked. (You can still find the text of the card by following that link, but my scan of the postcard, showing a transvestite and asking if you’d want for you granddaughter to be sharing a bathroom with him, was lost in the infamous Iranian attack of December 2005.)

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  1. schutzman
    Posted November 5, 2006 at 5:28 pm | Permalink

    Well, mark, since the Ypsilanti Historical Society isn’t jumping in and helping you out, I suppose this means that, for the second time, I have to be the one to come to your aid with this particular archival item.

    Make sure you put this somewhere safe.

  2. mark
    Posted November 5, 2006 at 5:30 pm | Permalink

    Thanks, Brett. I knew that you had it, but it wasn’t dark enough yet for me to shine my Brett Signal up into the sky.

  3. egpenet
    Posted November 5, 2006 at 6:13 pm | Permalink

    NO on 2 … is the thing to DO.

    YES of 5 … keeps the schools ALIVE.

    … poems to vote by …

  4. mark
    Posted November 5, 2006 at 9:08 pm | Permalink

    But Murph says

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