“where’s my lean mark maynard?”

A reader by the name of Norman would like our help in finding “his” Mark Maynard. Here’s the note:

I’m still looking for my Mark Maynard. The guy I wrote you about years ago. He was at U of Idaho, Moscow ID, in 1960-maybe ’61. Was a gymnast–wiry 5-footer–who had a negative body mass index, he was so lean. At the homecoming parade, he lead it by tumbling in front of the lead floats for one mile. Scarped the skin off both hands. Through his double-thick gloves, even. He was a Californian.

Well, if ever such a guy hits your blog and leaves a message, please let him know I’m looking for him. He doesn’t owe me money, I don’t have any to give him, and I’m not coming to visit. Just want to know what happened to him.

(Hmm… Am I the only one picturing a closet somewhere in suburban America containing two pair of double-thick gloves?)

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