anwar: on the table yet again

I don’t like quoting John Kerry (I’m still pissed about the way he handled the last election), but, in this instance, I think he’s got it exactly right…. Here’s what he as to say on the last-minute Republican ploy to enact legislation contrary to the will of the American people that would see oil companies drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge.

If you ever needed a reminder of how broken Washington has become under one-party rule, we’re getting it loud and clear in the closing hours of this session of Congress. Instead of sending a unified and unanimous signal to our troops on the front lines, Republicans are instead scheming to make a giveaway to the big oil companies their parting shot before Congress leaves Washington this winter. The Republicans’ aim is sadly simple: mission accomplished for the big oil companies, mission unaccomplished for our troops, our environment, and America’s real energy security.

In the very early hours this morning, Republican Senators, in a desperate legislative maneuver, have attached an arctic drilling proposal to the defense bill. They’re putting oil companies ahead of our troops. Senator McCain got it right when he called this maneuver “disgusting.”

If you agree, call your Senator now and help us get this special interest giveaway off the bill that is supposed to be helping our troops.

Call your Senators and tell them to stand up against this Republican abuse of power.

The Military Officer’s Association of America predicted this tactic last week: “We’re concerned that insertion of any divisive, non-defense related issues at the last minute could further delay enactment of this crucial legislation. Both defense bills are urgently needed to support our military efforts. Congress is already three months late passing them, and needs to get off the dime.”

Yesterday, a group of five high-profile generals sent a letter to Senator Frist that said: “It is not helpful to attach such a controversial non-defense legislative issue to a defense appropriations bill. It only invites delay for our troops as Congress debates an important but controversial non-defense issue on a vital bill providing critical funding for our nation’s security.”

Republican leaders know that drilling in the Arctic Refuge has nothing to do with this critical defense legislation. They know that just weeks ago, the arctic drilling proposal didn’t have the votes to pass in the light of day because it’s wrong for America. Now, the Republicans know where our generals stand on this matter. Will you join us in making them listen to our military?

Kerry’s spin is good. He’s not focusing solely on the environment, the fact that this same piece of legislation has been defeated several times in the past, or that we should be directing our resources toward the discovery of renewable forms of energy (and saving the oil in ANWR for when we really need it), but on the flagrant abuse of power. And the fact that he has high-ranking military officials on his side doesn’t hurt a bit. This, as Kerry says, has absolutely nothing to do with national security and everything to do with the administration making good on a promise to Big Oil. (note: The House passed this legislation earlier today, and your Senators are the only people now standing between the oil companies and the Artic National Wildlife Refuge. Please send an email if you have a chance.)

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