design vs. darwin, and an amendment to protect dear leader from execution

I’m sitting at the coffee shop, trying to attend to a few outstanding issues with the Ypsi Sentinel, and packaging up the latest Moneky Power Trio recordings to send off to be pressed. I was hoping that one of my trusted video-blogging friends might have Quicktime of the story on Intelligent Design that ran earlier on CBS Sunday Morning, so that I could watch it from the beginning, but so far I don’t see anything. One Good Move did, however, have a great clip from Al Frankin’s latest appearnce on the David Letterman Show, so I’m listening to that… Here are my two favorite quotes from Frankin:

“It looks like Libby and Rove are going to be executed (for treason).”

“And I think we should, never, never, ever, execute a sitting president. It would be heartbreaking. I think we should have a constitutional amendment.”

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  1. Tony Buttons
    Posted October 25, 2005 at 12:31 pm | Permalink

    I wish someone in Congress had the balls to follow through on Frankin’s suggestion and submit legislation exempting a sitting president from execution.

    We should start a petition.

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