skull and bones to the rescue

According to Raw Story, tomorrow’s Newsweek will report that there’s a very good likelihood that Patrick Fitzgerald’s boss is about to be replaced with a friend of the President’s. (Patrick Fitzgerald, in case you don’t recognize the name, is the prosecutor presently looking into allegations that someone in the Bush administration exposed a covert CIA agent in order to intimidate and discredit her husband, Ambassador Joseph Wilson, the whistleblower who came forward to tell the press that the president had falsified intelligence in order to take us to war in Iraq.) Here’s a clip from the Raw Story exclusive:

Newsweek’s Michael Isikoff will splash a story in tomorrow’s Newsweek which reveals that the boss of CIA leak probe prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is likely to be replaced by a former Bush classmate at Yale.

What’s more, Newsweek has found that the new boss is a fellow initiate of the Yale secret society, Skull and Bones. Details will appear on the magazine’s website early Sunday and on newsstands Monday.

I haven’t seen anything on the Newsweek site yet… so it may not be true. And, even if it is, it’s difficult to know how, if at all, this would alter the course of Fitzgerald’s investigation. I still thought that it was worth sharing though. (The Skull and Bones angle was just too much to pass up.)

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  1. john galt
    Posted August 8, 2005 at 8:01 am | Permalink

    Gore was in the Sull and Bones as well.. Maybe they’re really the illuminati and this whole two party system is just a way do distract the populace from their greater machinations.

  2. anonymatt
    Posted August 8, 2005 at 8:19 am | Permalink

    JG- I think you mean Kerry, not Gore. Should we really be frightened by a secret society that would have Bush and Kerry as members?

  3. be OH be
    Posted August 8, 2005 at 9:31 am | Permalink

    a secret society full of cokehead cheerleaders and priveledged opportunists hardly stirs any real anxiety in me.

    That said, it is rather suspicious that Fitzgerald’s potential new boss was essentially a fraternity brother of Dubya’s.

  4. Tony Buttons
    Posted August 8, 2005 at 9:42 am | Permalink

    A silly club of boys who lay around in coffins, chanting made up words and masturbating over “Injun” bones. In itself, it might not be be too bad. These boys grow up, however. And, given who they are, they are handed power. This club, and all the others like it, aren’t perhaps that bad in and of themselves, but they point to the existence of an aristocracy in this country, and, because of that, they should be paid attention to and taken seriously. They are undemocratic by their very nature and they breed a sense of entitlement.

  5. mark
    Posted August 9, 2005 at 9:50 pm | Permalink

    “Hey, you got your skull in my bones.” (Cue Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup music.)

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