caring about the integrity of our democracy is not un-christian

I knew a religious war was coming, I just didn’t think that it was going to be fought between Americans…

Here, by way of evidence, are a few quotes from the American Prospect on the subject of the “Justice Sunday” event that I mentioned yesterday, which, by the way, just started a half-hour ago… Right now, things should be building to a boiling, righteous rage.

The fight over the Senate confirmation of President George W. Bush’s most conservative judicial nominees is about to take an ugly turn, as the administration’s supporters in the religious right prepare an organized campaign to accuse Democrats of being biased against Christians.

For several years now, in the right’s rhetoric against Democrats who have threatened to filibuster judicial nominees, there has been an undercurrent that hinted at an anti-Christian bias. But at a conference on the judiciary last week, sponsored by the Judeo-Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration (JCCCR), the movement began to take a more menacing form.

In a speech laced with claims that the federal courts, and the Supreme Court in particular, have “systematically attacked Christianity,” Family Research Council president Tony Perkins announced the launch of a new campaign by the right to turn the confirmation battle into a religious war against the “anti-Christian left.”…

The next day, the onslaught on Capitol Hill is set to begin. Perkins said, “We are going to hold our fire [until April 24 — “Justice Sunday”], and then we begin to just pound the United States Senate with phone calls and faxes, telling them to stop filibustering people of faith and vote up or down on the president’s judicial nominees. We have got to get the Christians of this country — people of faith — to understand that this is an issue; this is a battle they cannot miss.”

In case you’re interested, there’s a running commentary on “Justice Sunday” going on at the Daily Kos site… And this guy says he’ll have video clips up later tonight.

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