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It took her a while to chime in, but sexologist Susie Bright, a woman who knows a thing or two about the business of prostitution, is finally offering her thoughts on our friend, the male hustler/White House insider Jeff Gannon. Here are a few clips:

Well, this is certainly the case with high class sexual services… and that is why anyone who’s ever done sex work understands that Jeff is not some wacky fluke… that the only way his access happened was because Gannon was dialed in, connected via his cock, to all the right people. The reason he got his little laminated press card was because someone was plying his favors….

When Guckert was young, he undoubtedly had hair. His handsome face was once darling and cute. Most men don’t get into this business as older gents– it’s something you get into when you’re young. It would be a waste to advertise your youth as a Daddy fantasy, when you can make more money being adorable. Becoming a TopMan is what you evolve to when you age gracefully in this business; you become exclusively dominant. After all, there is no demand for submissive middle-aged men.

When you’re a young pro, you do your turn at submission. You are worshiped and condescended to as pretty boy. You make a lot of money acting like you’re a frat kid or a GI, with a “girlfriend” somewhere, who’s “going to school” and partying “for kicks.”

Bulldog, if he is anything like other gay hookers, has been at this for years, and has grown into his present persona. He moved up into a position a younger man wouldn’t have, where he learned a lot of dirt about people because he was fucking them and getting high with them. He advertised that he likes “to party,” which in sex ad jargon means that he was up for doing speed/ecstasy/cocaine. He would do a little bump with you, or more. This infers he got to know his client’s drug preferences as well as their erotic ones…

I am convinced Bulldog got into the press corps because someone was deeply in love with him, i.e, with the fantasy he provides. Others in the game saw what he could be used for. Jeff’s client wanted more of Jeff, he wanted preferential status, he wanted promises. Gannon, like any pro with a big fish on the line, was growing weary of diamonds and furs.

A mature hooker wants something that will lead to independence; like property, inheritance rights, or a new career. The ultimate way to win your hooker’s favors is by offering something that gives them the same kind of independence that you, the civilian, possess.

Pretty convincing expert testimony, don’t you think?

And, while we’re back on the Gannon/Guckert subject, there’s a great piece of investigative team-journalism shaping up at the Daily Kos site, where volunteers have pitched in to track Gunckert back to where he came from, from his days as a frat boy and landscaper, through his career as a male prostitute, and right up to that fateful day when he was discovered, pitching softballs to our president. It’s interesting stuff… especially the interviews with former coworkers, and frat brothers.

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