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I wanted to write tonight, but I promised my bandmates that I’d sit here and force myself to listen to all the stuff we recorded during our 2004 session, all seven hours of it. I started over the weekend, but I gave myself tonight as a deadline and now I have to finish. So far, I have about twenty pages of notes. I’d like to express how excruciating of a task this is, but I’m afraid that if I do, you’ll never buy a record from us… So all I’ll say now is that the session was interesting… and that my favorite song so far is about two robotic sales clerks that help Johnny Cash find a Craftsman screwdriver in the hardware department at Sears.

If you’ve never heard my band before, and if no one’s around, you can listen to us at Monkey Power Trio dotcom. As I recall, there’s a little MPT Radio application that you can just have pop up on your desktop… And, before you start writing in letters and telling me how bad we are, I’ll remind you that we just get together and play one day a year, and that we don’t have any song ideas worked out before we walk into the studio. We just walk in with a blank slate and see what happens. And, almost everything we’ve released in our ten years/days as a band has been done in just one or two takes… So, here’s the bottom line: We may suck, but we didn’t try that hard… And, for my money, what we do is a hell of a lot more interesting than anything you’ll find coming out of the corporations propping up Ashlee Simpson and her contemporaries.

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  1. john galt
    Posted February 22, 2005 at 7:03 pm | Permalink

    I need a screw-driver.

    Great song Mark, we mixed it with the booh-bah theme, and I have it on my Ipod. Freaks people out.

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