let’s give him some money and see what he can do

I haven’t been a big fan of the Democratic Party these past few months. In the wake of Kerry’s loss, I wanted answers as to why we lost and bold ideas for change, but all I got from them were pleas for more money. Every time I’d get an email from them, I opened it, hopeful that there would be some great idea inside, or a list of proactive things that they were doing. Instead, I’d find some wishy-washy comment about how well we did in the last election cycle and a request for more money. It pissed me off… Anyway, I’m getting ready right now to make my first contribution to the Democratic National Committee since the election as a sign that I support Howard Dean in his new role as Chairman, and I thought that you might want to do the same. If you do, just hit that link. (As of the time of this posting, he’s already received $107K in contributions though the ActBlue network. Most of it, I believe, has come by way of blogs.)

Good luck, Howard.

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