i wonder if you get overtime for dismantling a democracy during christmas

The Ohio recount drew to a close during the Christmas holiday without any fanfare or media coverage. During the course of the recount, several serious problems were unearthed, but, it would seem, no one really to cared. For a nice wrap-up of the fucked-up events, check out the Columbus Freepress. Here’s a clip from their most recent article:

COLUMBUS — The Ohio presidential recount was officially terminated Tuesday, December 28.

But the end comes amidst bitter dispute over official certification of impossible voter turnout numbers, over the refusal of Ohio’s Republican Supreme Court Chief Justice to recuse himself from crucial court challenges involving his own re-election campaign, over the Republican Secretary of State’s refusal to testify under subpoena, over apparent tampering with tabulation machines, over more than 100,000 provisional and machine-rejected ballots left uncounted, over major discrepancies in certified vote counts and turnout ratios, and over an wide range of unresolved disputes that continue to leave the true outcome of Ohio’s presidential vote in serious doubt.

Officially, Republican Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell has confirmed substantial errors in the vote count, with a shift of some 1,200 votes based on statewide recounts of about 3% of the vote. But additional new evidence of massive vote-counting fraud across the state continues to be unearthed, calling into question George W. Bush’s alleged victory in Ohio and pending re-election in the Electoral College.

Blackwell, who was co-chair of the Bush-Cheney campaign, announced that his recount awarded 734 additional votes to Kerry and 449 additional votes to Bush. Meanwhile, more than 92,672 machine-rejected ballots remain unchecked and uncounted, as do at least 14,000 provisional ballots. Conservative estimates of Kerry’s net gain among those ballots are another 36,000 to 40,000 votes. No accounting in the count or recount has been made for voters turned away at the polls due to insufficient voting machines, computer malfunction, tampering with registration data, mishandling of absentee ballots, misinformation and intimidation, or a wide range of other problems…

It’s also worth noting that the raw November 2nd polling data from Mitofsky International has become public. And, according to some, the data proves conclusively that Kerry won in a landslide.

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  1. Teddy Glass
    Posted January 3, 2005 at 7:13 am | Permalink

    Due to all the irregularities, “On Thursday, January 6, the Electoral College will be challenged by Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) and other members of Congress under a law passed in 1887 in reaction to the fraudulent election of 1876. A fuller investigation requires assent by at least one Senator.”

    Write your Senator and ask him/her to do the right and courageous thing.

    And read this article-

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