dan gillmor saves the world

Dan Gillmor, the high-profile technology columnist for the San Jose Mercury News, is calling it quits. Here’s a quote from his final column:

This is my last column for the Mercury News. Starting tomorrow, I’ll embark on a new adventure, a project to help bring online grass-roots journalism to more people and communities.

While I’m sure it’s not a huge financial risk for him, given the fact that his new enterprise has venture funding, and he most likely already has contracts for his next few books inked, it’s inspiring to see someone take a leap like this and put their reputation on the line to see whether or not the theories they’ve been espousing (in his most recent book, “We the Media“) are really viable. If you would like to keep up with Dan, and his new grassroots journalism project, check out his site. God knows we need better journalists in the US, so my hopes and prayers are with him. We’ve all got a lot riding on this.

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