I hadn’t been planning to say anything about the tsunami that recently claimed the lives of over 120,000 people in Indonesia and it’s neighboring countries. I didn’t think there was much that I could add to the conversation, except maybe a critique of Bush’s wavering commitment to the international relief effort. Someone who reads this site just left a comment though, asking if I knew anything about the various not-for-profit organizations that are providing aid to the victims, and which ones might make the best use of her contribution. While it seems to me that I’ve seen a comparative analysis of these groups in the past, however, I can’t seem to find anything on-line now. So, I’m turning to you folks. If you have any information, please leave a comment…. Here’s the note from Chris:

OK, Mark, A different topic. I came here hoping there was a discussion of relief efforts regarding the tsunami. I look to your blog for the voice of studied, logical, well-considered reason (no pressure). I am hoping that you or some like-minded readers would have some advice regarding which relief organizations are more likely to get relief to the victims with the least amount of overhead. Does anyone have any knowledge of which groups are best? I am thinking of sending money to ONE of the following: Oxfam (currently out ahead of the rest of the pack), CARE, or UNICEF. Anybody have any suggestions? I try to google for this info but get nothing other than more bad news. Just tell me where to send the check and it is so totally in the mail. Oh, congrats on your new laptop, I am writing this on my new laptop.

Happy new Year everybody!!! Oh, by the way, GOD is FUCKING DEAD!

I recall reading a scathing analysis of the United Way at some not-for-profit watchdog group not too long ago, so I know that there’s someone out there looking at the industry, and monitoring the effectiveness of their efforts (and how much they pay their executives), but I’ll be damned if I know where to look right now… Thanks for you help.

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  1. mark
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    Chris, here

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    Charitywatch.org is a respected nonprofit charity watchdog group that rates charities. The site has a special tsunami section, and you can look at lots of other data about the charities you contribute to.

  4. mark
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    Fantastic, Laura! Thanks a million. This is just the information that Chris and I were looking for… Linette and I will have a check going out in Monday’s mail.

  5. chris
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    Thank you Laura! This is just what I needed! Though Oxfam got an A- and American Red Cross an A. I will go with the former as the Red Cross was more than willing to give folk who owned multi-million lofts in Tribeca 5 figure amounts just for living in the fallout area. Including my friend who as a partner in a large law firm in the city makes big six figures. He rejected the offer as he still has a soul and his insurance covered his losses (I think he had only to resole his Johnston Murphies from slogging through ash).

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