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Today’s the first day I’ve been able to get through to the Vote Cobb site in over a week. In case you still can’t get through, here’s his most recent update on the Ohio recount:

Recount activities in Ohio are in full swing! Coordinating staff are being hired on the ground in Ohio, and volunteer training will begin soon. It looks like the 88 county recounts will begin on different days, either December 14, 15 or 16. We are still looking for donations to pay for recount expenses, so please give what you can.

Many groups, including the Green Party, are planning protest activities all across the country for December 13th, when the Ohio Electors (and the other 49 state Electors) meet to cast ballots as part of the Electoral College process. Given that it was an unfair initial voting process which resulted in a vote total that is being disputed and recounted, how can the Electors cast their ballots for George Bush — or any candidate — until the recount is completed?

At yesterday’s Congressional Forum in Washington on voting irregularities that was convened by Congressman John Conyers (D-MI), it was suggested that if the Ohio recount results in a Kerry victory, then a second set of Electors could be convened to send a vote to Congress, which will count the Electoral votes on January 6th. What might happen if two sets of Ohio Electoral votes show up in Congress is anyone’s guess.

We must never repeat the momentous blunder of 2000, and allow the recount to be stopped, only to be told by the press months later that if all the valid, machine-rejected votes were counted, the man occupying the White House lost the election.

In his opening statement, Rep. Conyers asked us all to take action in support of his efforts to investigate the 2004 election irregularities in Ohio by contacting:

Ohio Secretary of State Blackwell (R)

Congressman James Sensenbrenner (R)
Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee

Please respond to Rep. Conyer’s request for a strong showing of support by concerned voters. With all three branches of government under one-party rule, only a strong message from America’s voters will get results.

So, write a few letters if you can today, and ask these individuals to cooperate with Congressman Conyers as he begins looking into the situation in Ohio.

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  1. Tony Buttons
    Posted December 10, 2004 at 8:22 am | Permalink

    OK, if I took the time to send the emails, you can too.

    Here’s the first paragraph from my note to Blackwell. Feel free to copy if you like it.

    “My hope is that you will cooperate with John Conyers and his committee as they look into the situation in Ohio and try to determine what may have happened on Election Day. As I’m sure you can appreciate, it’s very important that we as Americans believe in the integrity of our democracy and know, as we stand in line to vote, that our voices will be heard. If there are problems with the system in Ohio, they need to be fixed. As I’m sure you would agree, to stand in the way of that would not only be unconscionable, but un-American.”

  2. mark
    Posted December 11, 2004 at 8:17 am | Permalink

    I still have gotten a response back from either Blackwell or Sensenbrenner. I’ll let you know when/if I do… And I’d really appreciate it if the rest of you would take a few minutes to write. Even if you just sent a note saying, “I’m watching how you handle this,” it’be better than saying nothing. We have to let these people know that their actions are being observed. We need to let the cockroaches know that we’ve got a flashlight.


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