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More proof that the newly emboldened extreme right isn’t wasting any time… Our old friend Donald “I don’t want you watching that” Wildmon, the head of the boycott-happy American Family Association, isn’t wasting any time capitalizing on the “Values Voters” thing. He’s striking while the iron’s hot and launching a new organization. Here’s his note to me and the other sheep. No doubt he’ll have us contributing money and writing vitriolic letters by tomorrow afternoon… I can’t wait to see who we’re going to destroy first.

Are you one of the 30,000,000 values voters who voted for President Bush? If so, you need to be a part of ValuesVoters.com. Here’s why:

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  1. [steph]
    Posted November 10, 2004 at 1:43 pm | Permalink

    Funny how rights that all other Americans enjoy become “special” when applied to homosexuals… Although from what I’ve seen on Bravo, their kind do tend to have that effect.

  2. Sean
    Posted November 10, 2004 at 2:03 pm | Permalink


    I am sure this post won’t pass your grammar test but I actually agree with you on this one.

    Socialite tramp Nikki Hilton got married in August. Now she’s not married. How long did that last? Four months? And people think two gay Americans who love each other and who want to live together in a legally recognized relationship present a grave threat to the institution of marriage? Look to Hollywood and our celebrity culture. There’s your threat, if any on American Values.


  3. mark
    Posted November 10, 2004 at 6:43 pm | Permalink

    Finally, something we can all agree on… That whore, Nikki Hilton, is destroying our country.

    Hey… After we get done stripping the gays of all their “special” rights, I say we take a good, long look at public transportation. Did you know that blacks have a special right to sit wher ever they damn well please, even at the front?

  4. Sean
    Posted November 10, 2004 at 6:48 pm | Permalink

    Since when? I did not read that update.

    You manage to take a liberal stance of mine regarding gay marriage and twist that one too. Great stuff

  5. Posted November 11, 2004 at 5:15 am | Permalink

    Just reading that letter made me feel dirty. And Arlen Specter wants only pro-choice Supreme Court justices??? I had to read that twice to make sure I read it correctly. I could almost kiss the man…almost.

  6. Tony Buttons
    Posted November 11, 2004 at 6:14 am | Permalink

    Not one to be outdone, Jerry Falwell’s launching a new crusade too. He’s calling his

  7. Dave Morris
    Posted November 12, 2004 at 5:48 pm | Permalink

    Here is a nice letter to the president from Bob Jones:


    And here is a nice letter to the President that I received by email today:


  8. mark
    Posted November 13, 2004 at 12:43 pm | Permalink

    I love that letter, Dave. I’ve seen it take different formats over the years, but I think it works best as a letter to the president. I hope someone actually sends it to him.

  9. Posted January 25, 2005 at 6:04 pm | Permalink

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  10. mark
    Posted January 25, 2005 at 7:36 pm | Permalink

    It sucks when the most heartfelt thanks you get for all your hard work is from a spammer.

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