warm and happy huhnar

I just got something really cool in the mail… Remember a few months ago how I told you all that Linette and I, while we wouldn’t be accepting any gifts for our new daughter, would be expecting them for her constant companion, Huhnar, the stuffed chicken-man? Remember how, when the gifts for Huhnar didn’t roll in fast enough for my liking, I cursed all of you who didn’t send something immediately with cancer of the eyes? And remember how, after a lot of people complained, I backed off and removed the threat? Well, it would appear that two MM.com readers, a Mr. and Mrs. Smallwood of Virginia, kept right on working when the rest of you stopped. (Maybe they just didn’t hear that I lifted the threat of ocular cancer.) Today, in the mail, Huhnar received a wonderful hand-woven sweater from the Smallwoods. Isn’t it beautiful?

I like the way it keeps Huhnar’s wings pinned to his back. Quite frankly, all his strutting and flapping was beginning to drive us nuts. (On more than one occasion, Linette, at her wit’s end, had spelled out the word “S-O-U-P” to me over the sound of his clucking and fluttering.)

Many thanks to the talented Mrs. Smallwood and her new husband, the man who (I suspect), afraid for his own eyes, begged her to knit this.

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  1. DS
    Posted September 28, 2004 at 6:30 am | Permalink

    If I were you, I’d keep that chicken away from Clementine. You never know when it might turn on her & peck out her eyes in a fit of jealous rage. Soup, indeed! Linette’s got the right idea.

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