time to hire a public relations intern

Im not sure if its just on-line or if its also going to run in a print magazine, but you can, at least for the time being, find an interview with my band on a website in England. We sound really stupid, but I think it can be attributed, at least for the most part (I hope), to the fact that the guy who wrote the piece interviewed us all individually by way of email and then stitched it all together to make it sound as though we were sitting there in the pub with him. The result is a bit odd, but somewhat interesting.

While were on the subject of odd, little interviews that very few people will probably read, an article on my comic strip, My LIfe In Ypsi, just ran in the last issue of the Eastern Michigan University student paper. As it was written by an undergraduate journalism student, I wasnt going to criticize, but I do feel compelled to share this one observation that was made by a friend of a friend who was forced to make his way through the piece. He said that it read like a press release written by an intern at the North Korean Ministry of Information and then translated into English by our military… Heres Linettes favorite sentence:

Like many University of Michigan graduates, (Maynard) has a full-time job, a wife and a baby.

(The implication being, I guess, that the reporter’s fellow Eastern Michigan grads will be able to have none of those things.)

And, speaking of the baby, I, like many UM graduates, need to go and give her a bath now. Goodnight my invisible friends.

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