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Robert Novak, the journalist who has so far refused to name the person or persons within the Bush administration who leaked the name and occupation of CIA agent Valerie Plame, apparently feels as though CBS should give up their sources with regard to the whole Bush National Guard memo controversy. According to the Editor & Publisher site, Novak said as much on CNN last night. Here’s a clip:

On the CNN panel show, “Capital Gang,” Novak expressed grave doubts about the CBS documents, then said: “I’d like CBS, at this point, to say where they got these documents from. They didn’t get them from a CIA agent. I don’t believe there was any laws involved. I don’t think we’ll have a special prosecutor, if they tell. I think they should say where they got these documents because I thought it was a very poor job of reporting by CBS ….”

Fellow panelist, Al Hunt, from the Wall Street Journal, then replied: “Robert Novak, you’re saying CBS should reveal its source?”

The transcript continues:


HUNT: You do? You think reporters ought to reveal sources?

NOVAK: No, no. Wait a minute.

HUNT: I’m just asking.

NOVAK: I’m just saying in that case.


NOVAK: I think — I think it’s very important. If this is a phony document, the American — the people should know about it.

HUNT: So in some cases, reporters ought to reveal sources.


HUNT: But not in all cases.

NOVAK: That’s right.

Ugly, Ebenezer Scrooge-looking scumbag hypocrite.

Oh, while were on the subject of the 60 Minutes documents, I just happened across a really great observation over at Metafilter. Here it is: It’s amazing how much quicker some are at sniffing out forged documents when they involve Bush, instead ones that formed the basis for the Iraq invasion. Fucking brilliant.

(* For more information on the Plame Affair and Novaks role, follow this link.)

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