mark maynards hypocrisy watch

Paul Crouch, televangelist and president of Trinity Broadcasting, the worlds largest Christian broadcasting network, is fighting charges by a former male employee that the two were lovers. The 70 year old Crouch is understandably pissed, having not too long ago paid his accuser $425,000 (no doubt money collected from terrified viewers through the ministry of Crouch and his clown-like, mega-wigged wife) to keep quiet This is, of course, merely an allegation Ill do my best to best to keep following the story If you happen to have time, Id appreciate it if someone could post a few quotes from Crouch on the subject of the deviant homosexual lifestyle. (I’m too busy swatting flies and looking for maggots under the floorboards.)

Lest anyone judge, let me just say this… Who among you wouldn’t run into the arms of an attractive young black man if you had to look at this woman every day?

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