kerry launches his offensive on letterman

For those poor souls out there who do not have Tivo, Ive just been told that footage of Kerry on Letterman is available at the One Good Move site. I havent read any analysis yet, but Id say that Kerry accomplished what he set out to. He came across as a likeable person who could relate to everyday Americans, and he came across as fighter. I think he struck just the right chord. He was upbeat about the campaign, saying that hed seen worse fights in his life, and, at the same time, he made it clear that he was pissed about what Bush had done to our country. (Its not easy to complain while being upbeat. Try it sometime.) Sure, he struggled delivering some of the jokes that were prepared for him, but it wasnt nearly as painful as watching the Bush daughters deliver their comedy at the Republican National Convention. My favorite line of the evening came early, when Kerry said that Bush would prefer to do the debates sitting on Cheneys lap. Hes really on the offensive and its about time. I think people want that. At least the Letterman crowd seemed to like it when he said, Id fire Halliburton. Of course, the audience could have been filled with partisan Democrats, but I got the sense that his pitch was working. And its about fucking time.

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